Five Steps To Beat Your Fears In Your Quest Towards Abundance

Hi there!

When I began my journey towards greater abundance in my life, I knew that I will be challenged spiritually, emotionally, mentally and in my physical reality. I knew that these challenges were good for me in terms of my personal development but a part of me still felt the fear and was tempted to run back and say, forget it! I’m not going there.

The Five Steps To Beat Your Fears In Your Quest Towards Abundance is my journey in combating fears on my quest to greater abundance. I am happy to say that they have worked for me and I am reaping the rewards, and still continuing to do so.

This teleclass is perfect for you if you:

  • see the importance of building abundance for the benefit of spreading your service work
  • are struggling with your fears even though you know it is so important to have financial resources to do more for the world
  • recognize your fears but don’t know what to do about them
  • are looking for re-assurance that you are on the right track
  • need some pep talk on not giving up on your dreams

This was first offered to everyone as a free teleclass and we also replayed it for the benefit of those who missed it. And now we are offering this as a download for those who would like to purchase the recording to listen to as their own pace. 

“I really enjoyed the class ! TY ! I also recommended a friend about your class already :-) ” ~ Participant from India
“Hi Shamala,
Yes, I have been listening right from the beginning, it has been great!
Thank you Shamala! I really enjoyed it!” ~ Participant from Australia
“Thanks very much Shamala.  I did make the call. Had to dial in a couple of times before there was sound. Very helpful. Especially getting the clarity on the being able to recognise the difference between fear and intuition. Looking forward to my ever increasing abundance so I can share some with you and do one of your courses.” ~ Participant From Australia

It is at an affordable price of only S$35 (approx. US28; GBP17; AUS27). Simply follow the instructions on how to make payment and download it. Enjoy!


Love & abundance,

Be Spiritual & Rich Coach/Mentor